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Chandi Mandir of Jajpur

Chandi Mandir or Goddress Chandi Temple is one of the oldest temple in Jajpur District. This temple is situated very near to Chandikhole and...

Hirli Danger of Nabarangpur

Hirli Danger is situated at Gandhinagar of Nabarangpur town of Odisha, where an ancient statue of Lord Tirupati found and being worshiped now. Near...

Atharanala Polo of Jajpur

Atharanala is one of the oldest visiting places for tourist in Jajpur District. The Place is about 200 meteres away from Biraja Temple. The...

Best Places or Picnic Spots in Odisha for New Year 2013

Are you enjoying this new year with your family or friends ? Then may be you are looking for the best places in Odisha....
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