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Siddha Bhairavi of Ganjam District

Siddha Bhairavi Temple is one of the famous Shaktipitha of Ganjam Dist. is situated at remote village Mantridi near Berhampur. The temple is named...

Huma Leaning Shiva Temples of Sambalpur

Huma Temple is one of the famous and popular temple in Samablpur as well as in Odisha. This temple is situated at about 23...

Kamakhya Temple of Kamakhyanagar of Dhenkanal

Kamakhya Temple, which is situated at the top of the Nilachal Hill at about 800 feet above the sea level. The entire temple complex...

Ramachandi Temple of Puri

Ramachandi is one of the famous temple as well as one of the best picnic spot in Puri which is situated about 7kms from...

Famous Temples in Odisha

There are various temples in Odisha. Here you can get the list of the most famous and popular Hindu Temples in Odisha. See below...

Baladev Jew Temple, Kendrapara, Odisha

Baladev Jew Temple is situated in Ichhapur (Tulasi Khetra), Kendrapara, Odisha. Baladev Jew Temple is a very famous temple of Odisha and Balarama is...
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