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Archaeological Museum at Ratnagiri of Jajpur

Archaeological museum at Ratnagiri is one of the important site museums of Archaeological Survey of India which is built on the northern crest of...

Famous Tourist Spots in Jajpur

Jajpur is a historic place of pilgrimage is located at a distance of 92Kms from Cuttack. Once upon a time Jajpur was the capital...

Trilochaneswar Temple of Jajpur

Trilochaneswar Temple is one of the old Lord Shiva Temple of Jajpur District which is situated at Jaunlibandha of Jajpurwhich is at a short...

Gokarneswar Temple of Jajpur

The famous Gokarneswar temple is located 1km away from Jaraka of Jajpur District, Odisha. The temple has mythological importance since the days of Mahabharat....

Langudi Hill of Odisha

The Langudi Buddhsit sites are situated in and around the Langudi hills in the Jajpur district of Orissa is considered as one of the...

Saptamatruka Temple of Jajpur

 Saptamatruka Temple is dedicated to Hindu Tantric and Puranic goddesses Saptamatrikas namely, Brahmani, Vaishnavi,Shivaduti or Indrani,Narasimhi, Chamunda,Kaumari and Varahi. Legend says that these goddess...
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