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Tourist Places in Nabarangpur

Chandan Dhara is a natural water fall situated in Jhorigam Block 90 KM away from Nabarangpur.The place is also remarkable for a natural Shiva...

Umerkote of Nabarangpur

Umerkote 70 Kms away from Nabarangpur is famous for the temple of Goddess Pendrani. Goddess Pendrani is the presiding deity of Umerkote locality and...

Sahid Smruti Stamba of Nabarangpur

The Sahid Smruti Stamba is situated at the bank of the river Tuni near Papadahandi. During Quit India Movement on August 24, 1942, 19...

Podagada of Nabarangpur

Podagada is 52 Kms away from Nabarangpur and about 14Kms from Dhodra. Podagada is the famous historical place where Brahmin inscriptions are found. It...

Papadahandi of Nabarangpur

Papadahandi is situated about 12 Kms away from Nabarangpur. This Place is famous for Shaiva shrine and historic antiquity Sahid Stamba. Large number of...

Hirli Danger of Nabarangpur

Hirli Danger is situated at Gandhinagar of Nabarangpur town of Odisha, where an ancient statue of Lord Tirupati found and being worshiped now. Near...
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