Tarang Cine Award is the most prestigious award in Odia Film Industry. Here you can get the list of winners in 4th Tarang Cine Award 2013. You can also Watch Tarang Cine Award 2013 on Tarang Channel on 24th March 2013 at 7PM. See below to know about the winners of 4th Tarang Cine Award 2013.

Tarang Cine Award

Winners of 4th Tarang Cine Award 2013

Best film – Something Something
Best Actor (Male) – Anubhav Mohanty
Best Actress (Female) – Barsa priyadarsini
Best Editor – Chandra Sekhar Mishra (Acp Ranbir)
Best Dialogues – Bijay Malla (Bad girl)
Best Cinematographer – Abhiram Mishra (Luchakali)
Debutant – Prakruti Mishra (Thukul)
Best Child Artist – Lohitakhya Pattnaik
Best Singer (Male) – Shaan
Best Singer (Female) – Sohini
Best Jodi-Babushan & Riya (IDOT)

Nominates for 4th Tarang Cine Award 2013

Nominates for Best Film: –

  • Bad Girl
  • Love Master
  • Matric Fail
  • Parshuram
  • Shapath
  • Something Something

Nominates for Best Debutant Actor: –

  • Gaurav Kumar for Bad Girl
  • Prachi Sinha for Chanda Na Tume Tara
  • Prakruti Mishra for Thukul
  • Suman Nayak for Mu

Nominates for Best Actor Male :-

  • Akash for Shapath
  • Anubhab for Something Something
  • Anubhab for ACP Ranveer
  • Anubhab for Matric Fail
  • Arindam for Parshuram
  • Babushan for Love Master

Nominates for Best Actor Female :-

  • Archita Sahu for Kebe Tume Nahan, Kebe Mun Nahi
  • Archita Sahu for Sapath
  • Barsha Priyadarshini for Something Something
  • Barsha Priyadarshini for Parshuram
  • Barsha Priyadarshini for Matric Fail
  • Lipi for Bad Girl

Nominates for Best Actor in Comic Role:-

  • Harihar Mohapatra for Something Something
  • Pragyan Khatua for Mu
  • Pragyan Khatua for Raju Awara
  • Pragyan Khatua for Tu Mo Aarambha Tu Mo Shesha

Nominates for Best Child Artist :-

  • Aryan for Parshuram
  • Lohitakhya Pattnaik for Idiot
  • Rahul for Gud Boy
  • Swaraj for Something Something

Nominates for Best Supporting Role Male :-

  • Kuna Tripathy for Thukul
  • Mihir Das for Shapath
  • Minaketan for Idiot
  • Papu Pom Pom for Kebe Tume Nahn Kebe Mu Nahin

Nominates for Best Supporting Role Female :-

  • Akankshya Warman for Kebe Tume Nahan Kebe Mu Nahin
  • Aparajita Mohanty for Thukul
  • Mahesweta for Raja Jhia Sange Heigala Bhaba
  • Trupti Sinha for Something Something

Nominates for Best Actor in Negative Role Male :-

  • Manoj Mishra for Chanda Na Tume Tara
  • Pradeep Singh Rawat for ACP Ranveer
  • Samaresh for Luchakali
  • Siddhant Mohapatra for Rangeela Toka

Nominates for Best Actor in Negative Role Female :-

  • Kirti Mohanty for Raja Jhia Sange Heigala Bhaba
  • Sunita Garabadu for Gud Boy
  • Sweta Acharya for Thukul
  • Sweta Acharya for Luchakali

Nominates for Best Jodi :-

  • Anubhav & Barsha for Something Something
  • Arindam & Priya for Gud Boy
  • Babushan & Riya for Idiot
  • Sabyasachi & Archita for Kebe Tume Nahan Kebe Mu Naahi
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